Traumlichter II (germ.: Dream lights II)
Photography on canvas, 2022
Schau, Fensterpuppen A_B_C, /germ.: look, window mannequins/
Photography on Aludibond 80x125 cm, 2018-2022

beyond blue

beyond blue III
Photography on Aludibond, 130x160 cm, 2019

beyond blue II
Photography on Aludibond, 70x125 cm, 2019

yellow in grey

Photography on Aludibond, 40x125 cm, 2019

The doors of power

State Parliament of NRW, 2016

black & light


room in red


(Streets) 2017-2019

blue K20 - the day after


K20 white


Visualization Humboldt

The handmade paper is reminiscent of Alexander von Humboldt's handwritten and printed works.
Inspired by Humbolt's view as a traveller, naturalist and scientist, the round images appear to be viewed through binoculars, a magnifying glass or a microscope.

The motifs reflect his eventful life and research: 
Journeys of exploration (in blue), exploration of nature (green), scientific work (in red). 
The three colours together form white light - symbolic of the radiance of Humboldt's life and work.

Fine Art Print on handmade paper 40x30 cm each, 2015 

Panta rhei

Panta rhei XXI

Panta rhei XIII-XV

verde panta rhei

Der schöne Schein (The beautiful appearance)

white & light

white&light IV-X-V
Fine Art Print on Canson Baryta Photographique, each 54x36 cm, 2016

Fine Art Print on Canson Baryta Photographique, each 40x40 cm, 2016

white BBK


balticum panta rhei

Digital Camera Obscura, 2014

DLR Köln


Shakespeare Theater Gdańsk


Altar of the past consumer palace

The photo motifs were taken after the closure of the Galeria Kaufhof Düsseldorf, Berliner Allee in the empty shop premises in January 2015. 
Fine Art Print on Canson Baryta Photographique on wood, open 40x120 cm, 2015

Am Boden (Down)


Life in Düsseldorf