I welcome you to my virtual

gallery of reflective & spiritual art

and invite you to a small tour through different areas of my artistic activity.

In my artistic work shaped me especially reflection and broadly understood spirituality.

My works I draw from reflection and meditation of both current and universal themes of society, politics and social realities.

Works on themes such as Stations of the Cross, Canticle of the Sun, and other biblical themes emerge from spirituality and religiosity.

Guided by the primal longing of people to live in peace, the vision of the European Community - a peaceful cooperation of all European countries - is very close to my heart.

In sparse expressions and with included symbols I leave the viewer a lot of space for own thoughts and interpretation.

I implement my ideas mainly in the form of photography, collage, objects, video or small sculptures.

Man – his life, his life spaces, his passions and feelings from hate to love, his search for God and his longing for spirituality, harmony and a happy life in peace – is for me the central theme of my artistic work.

Projects and series of works

The dove of peace

in the subway of the S-Bahn station in Erkrath-Hochdahl was widely accepted by many people from July 2013 to May 2014.Then the mural had to give way for the construction work at the station. 

In 2015, the dove of peace could be "brought back to life" and the picture was ceremoniously handed over to the citizens of the city of Erkrath on December 10. 



Design white liturgical vestments

Concept - symbolism - planned implementation of the designs.

In the white, light-filled interior of the cathedral, paraments provide a visual accent during the liturgy; however, at the same time, they are to be balanced and calm in keeping with the spirit of the space, and their design is to be in harmony with this spirit.

A fabric made of natural silk is planned as the basis of the artistic design: Starting from natural white silk, the inclusion of linen-colored silk creates a slight shading to the edge. The bright sheen of the white silk and the hue of the shading symbolize:

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Visualization Humboldt

The handmade paper is reminiscent of Alexander von Humboldt's handwritten and printed works.
Inspired by Humbolt's view as a traveller, naturalist and scientist, the round images appear to be viewed through binoculars, a magnifying glass or a microscope.

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