Church of the Redeemer Langenfeld

The pictures are in the church building of the Erlöserkirche in Langenfeld for the project "Der-da-unten ... Der-da-oben" within the framework of XX. KunsTraumKirche 2015 were created. 

Photography on canvas, each 100x100 cm, 2015

Monastery Mariendonk

The Stations of the Cross was created in June 2013 in the Mariendonk Monastery on the Lower Rhine. The monastery architecture inspired me to create a 'Stations of the Cross' idea. The basic motifs of the individual Stations of the Cross are taken from the old floors in the church interior and in the crypt. I expanded the pencil rubbed images with a gold pastel pencil and with tea extract elements.

30.5 x 23 cm each, 2013

Ev. Church Quettingen Leverkusen - art action IT IS DONE

The art action took place during Lent 2013 in the Evangelical Church Quettingen in Leverkusen. I used paint in direct hand and footprints on jute fabric to create a Passion that does not follow the traditional Stations of the Cross structure.

I would like to thank all those who made the art action possible and contributed to it: 
- My wife Inge for her deep thoughtful examination of the Passion and the translation into texts for the art action,
- Uwe Schaale for his accompaniment of the action with his improvisational music,
- Pastor Hackländer for his hospitality, his participation and active help,
- the parishioners for their participation in the art action.

600x270 cm, 2013

Holy Spirit Church in Hochdahl

The Stations of the Cross were created in an art action in the Holy Spirit Church in Erkrath-Hochdahl as part of the celebrations for the 40th anniversary of the church on February 24, 2012. The 15 pictures are permanently installed in the church as Stations of the Cross.

I thank everyone who made the art action possible and contributed to it. Above all, my wife Inge for her deep thoughtful examination of the Stations of the Cross and the recitation of the texts during the art action. 

Also Uwe Schaale for his sensitive music on percussion instruments, which accompanied and inspired me during the work.

On Maundy Thursday 2021, the station "Last Supper" was installed, complementing the Stations of the Cross....

Handmade paper 60x42 cm, 2012

Cross camp chapel in Bottrop

HUMAN - body
body - pose
pose - portrait
portrait - head
head - facial expression
facial expression - gesture
gesture - hand
hand - HANDS

working, speaking, caressing, helping, comforting, encouraging, lifting up ... but also:
grasping, hitting, rejecting, brutal, violent, murderous, killing

Hands are a mirror of the human soul, they underline words and thoughts, clarify feelings and sensations. Hands enable people to act, to be active, and in doing so, they can decide for life or for death. Jesus took this human path upon himself.

Involved in darkness, stretched out to the light.

C-print on canvas, each 50x60 cm, 2001