Biblical themes

Holy Week - Easter - Pentecost

Holy Spirit Church Hochdahl, 120x120 cm, 2022 
The alternating installation was created with the participation of a small preparatory group.

Faith, love, hope

each 40x40 cm, 2020

The Christmas Trilogy

each 40x30 cm, 2014

Panta rhei


each 40x40 cm, 2016

Ancient scrolls




The photos for the video presentation were taken during a walking meditation during Lent. 
8 min., 2008

The Messiah II

three parts, each 60x50 cm, 2011

The Messiah I

three parts, each 65x55 cm, 2010

The curtain in the temple tore in half

30x180 cm, 2014

Songs of Songs

Photography on handmade paper, graphite pencil, white pencil 1999